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Do you enjoy using a yacht but don’t want all the hassle?

Use one of our yachts more affordably and stress-freely with our Scorpion Yacht membership! It is available for our 40, 46 and 50-ft yachts in the most luxurious marinas in Europe and the United States. You can even earn up to 50% of your annual membership back. It’s the perfect alternative to yacht ownership; enjoy a yacht's luxury and fun without the hassle!


Scorpion Yachts

For over a decade, we have been building Scorpion Yachts that feature the newest designs and state-of-the-art technology. Don't want all the hassle and stress of yacht ownership? Then choose the more accessible and affordable alternative: our annual yacht membership! Looking for a great investment opportunity? Become a co-owner by investing in one of our fractionalized yachts and receive significant annual returns. We also offer co-ownerships in the form of NFTs.

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Invest in a fraction of a Scorpion Yacht

Scorpion Yachts offers a fantastic investment opportunity in the form of fractional ownership of our 46-foot yacht with a 7% annual interest rate! We offer traditional co-ownerships but also NFTs.

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Scorpion Beach Club

The Scorpion Beach Club is the perfect daily boat to explore the beaches and sunbathe in ultimate elegance and comfort. By shortening the sides of the hull, a spacious sundeck is created that gives you a unique feeling of being on the beach while floating on the water. The technologically advanced design of the Scorpion Beach Club also comes with the ability to lift the outboards engines out of the water- enabling direct beach access for more beach vibes.

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Current Locations

Marina Bosch                 –  Amsterdam
Marina Fontainebleau  –  Miami Beach
Shelter Island                 –  The Hamptons
Marina Botafoch            –  Ibiza
Marina Port Cogolin      –  Saint-Tropez

Port Calanova                 –  Mallorca 

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A different approach, using a new method of manufacturing.

Scorpion yachts create a unique experience on the water. Available in sizes from 41 up to 52 feet, each Scorpion Yacht offers the unique combination of serious power, low maintenance costs, high quality and maximum fun for our international clientele. 

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