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Based in The Netherlands at the world’s premium yachting industry, Scorpion Yachts offers the best of both worlds with its stylish and economical design. By using the optimal space to create a unique and panoramic sundeck, the yachts are perfect to explore the waters and beaches.


Behind Scorpion Yachts

The idea behind Scorpion Yachts was sparked when its founder Dirk Oerlemans wanted to buy an aluminium boat that featured a large and open lounge area. In 2011, he was searching for a stylish yacht to cruise the waters of Ibiza that does not need much maintenance, but still has a multifunctional, fast, high-end and maneuverable design. After simply not finding what he was looking for, Oerlemans combined his own entrepreneurship with Dutch craftsmanship to develop the Scorpion Yachts. Its name derives from his zodiac sign – the notorious Scorpio – and the ‘scorpio energy’ of the magical island of Ibiza.

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